• 24 listopada 2015
Amar Armand – Human

1. Mongolia (interpreted by Sarah Nemtanu, Henri Tournier, featuring Gombodorj Byambajargal)
2. Faces (featuring Salar Aghili)
3. Dam in China (interpreted by the children’s choir of the Maitrise des Hauts-de-Seine)
4. Castells
5. Nepal (featuring Asif Ali Khan)
6. Paddy Fields (featuring Asif Ali Khan)
7. The Storm (featuring Sara-Marielle Gaup and Isabel Sörling)
8. Shakuhachi (interpreted by Suizan Lagrost)
9. Ploughing (interpreted by Ibrahim Maalouf, featuring Ravid Kahalani)
10. Toil (interpreted by Gregoire Korniluk, featuring Sara-Marielle Gaup)
11. Immigration (featuring Gulay Hacer Toruk)
12. Haiti
13. Pepe Mujica
14. The Hidden Church (featuring Youssou N’Dour)
15. Childhood (featuring Isabel Sörling)
16. Human Life
17. Forgiveness (interpreted by Sarah Nemtanu)
18. Swimming in China (interpreted by Henri Tournier and Marc-Antoine Perrio)
19. Crowds (featuring Gombodorj Byambajargal)
20. Human I (interpreted by Grégoire Korniluk)
21. Jerusalem (from Vivaldi) (from Vivaldi, featuring Divna)
22. Human II (interpreted by Julien Carton)
23. Ghada’s Dream (featuring Ghada Shbeir)

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